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T-Shirt Design Trends You’ll Love To Have In 2022-2023?

In 2022-2023, T-Shirts will be designed in more varying designs with more color combinations and patterns. Materials for t-shirts will give a luxury look like silk and washed cotton & denim. Dyeing techniques and quality fabrics will vary from slubs to Ato Matsumoto twisty futuro. Post 2020s , digital printing start to replaced the traditional […]

fashion for 40 year olds, Realistic Spring 2022 Trends for Women over 40

In the last two decades, fashion trends were all about being sexy and flaunting the body. And 40 is the new 30. So ladies over 40 can play around with these trends: glossy bob-, pixie cuts-, voluminous beauty curls, midis skirts and chilling wonder bras. Accessories like sky high pumps, metallic clutch bags- and ballerina […]